Autosync Universal supports multiple cloud storages. You only need to purchase the sync support for the cloud you use. You can test how well the app works for each cloud before deciding to pay or not. The free trial period is separate for each cloud. It starts at the moment when you connect Autosync to the first account at a given cloud storage service.

Questions and Answers

Do I have to pay again when I get a new phone?

No. License purchases are one-time payments and apply to all your devices. Purchase status is kept in Google Play server under the user’s Google account. If the app is installed under the same account on any device its purchases are recognized and sync features are unlocked.

How many devices can I use my license on?

Currently we don’t enforce the max number of devices under one license but the expectation is all these devices belong to and are used mostly by one user. Let’s say 5 devices (phones + tablets + Chromebook) are totally fine. Using the same purchased license on 20 devices is definitely not fine.

Contact us if you want to buy bulk license for many users and devices at once.

What is your refund policy?

The same as the standard refund policy in Google Play Store. Each user should take advantage of the free trial period to test how well Autosync works with their cloud storage account before paying for permanent license.

Is there an ad-supported version of Autosync Universal?

There are ad-supported versions of our other sync apps. We may do the same for Autosync Universal in the future. But we would prefer not going into that direction. We ourselves don’t like ads, therefore we don’t want to show ads to users in apps we develop, if possible.

Purchased license does not work for other members of Google Family library

Autosync licenses are single-user licenses, not shareable with any other users, regardless of whether they belong to the same Google Family library or not. Currently we don’t offer family-shared licenses (for example 5-user license at the price of 3 single-user licenses).

I bought a license for your other sync app, how to transfer it to Autosync Universal?

Upgrade and license in-app purchases in Google Play Store are associated with individual apps. It’s not possible to transfer them from one app to another. The single-cloud Autosync for… apps continue to work and to be maintained. If you bought a license in one of those apps, you should continue to use it. You don’t have to switch to this new Autosync Universal app.

Special gift for users who bought Ultimate license in our other sync apps

If you bought an Ultimate license in one of our single-cloud Autosync for… apps you can use this Autosync Universal app to sync with the same cloud for free.

For example if you bought the Ultimate license in Autosync for OneDrive - OneSync you don’t have to buy Sync with OneDrive in Autosync Universal. The only condition is you must keep the up-to-date OneSync app installed on the same device under the same Google account. It doesn’t have to be configured. Autosync Universal detects if OneSync is there and asks it if it has the Ultimate license. The same applies to BoxSync Ultimate, Dropsync Ultimate, DriveSync Ultimate, MegaSync Ultimate.

This special gift is only for users with Ultimate license, not for users with other licenses and upgrades (Pro, NoAds, promotion giveaways, etc.)