Dropsync: Three Years in Google Play

August 6, 2014

Somehow I didn’t notice a couple of weeks ago Dropsync passed 3 years in Google Play. Three years! Almost a million downloads. Not something one would brag about. About 50% active user install rate. This number is unusually high for mobile apps and what I am quite proud of. Dropsync addresses a very small niche but it seems to do so pretty well. From user emails I learn that many have been using the app for years. It sits in the background and dutifully does its job. No fuss. Users even forgot it’s there and only email me when there was a sync issue. We tend to take good things in life as granted and only appreciate them when they were lost (health, friends, youth, good eye vision, etc)

I am running special discount for Dropsync Pro users. If you bought the Dropsync Pro Key in the past, you get 50% discount when upgrading to pro versions of my other sync apps: Drive Autosync, OneSync, Auto Box Sync.

This discount will last until the end of Sunday, August 17, 2014, whatever your time zone is.

You need to have your Dropsync Pro Key installed on your device. Then in the other apps, go to in-app upgrade. If the Dropsync Pro Key is detected, you will be offered the 50% discount.

To those of you, longtime Dropsync Pro users, who already bought pro versions of the other apps at full price, I promise to do something similar in the future in my other new apps.

Thank you all for your support.

Happy autosyncing.