MegaSync - autosync files between Android and MEGA

March 12, 2018

I am adding a new entry to my collection of cloud sync apps: MegaSync. This app backs up and syncs files between your Android device and MEGA cloud storage. MegaSync has been in closed alpha testing for a month. A few days ago I released it to Early Access channel on Google Play. Feedback so far has been pretty positive. If you are using MEGA and Android, definitely give MegaSync a try:

Autosync MEGA - MegaSync on Google Play

If you use other cloud storages but not MEGA, it’s something worth checking out. The unique feature of MEGA is client side encryption. Your files are stored in their cloud encrypted by your password. Nobody, including MEGA employees, should be able to decrypt and read your data.

As usual don’t hesitate to email me any issues, suggestions, questions you may have with my app. The email address is in the app store listing and also in the app itself (Settings > Support).