How to Transfer Settings from OneSync v1 to OneSync v2

July 29, 2015

Quick note for users who asked how to transfer settings from OneSync v1 to the new (and better) OneSync v2 app.

First please update both apps to their latest versions. There were some important fixes in both apps recently.

To transfer settings from v1 to v2 please follow these steps:

  1. Open OneSync v1 app. Go to the app settings and disable Autosync. This is because having both apps to sync the same set of folders would be a very bad idea.

  2. In v1 app go to Settings and choose Backup settings. It will save the settings in the file OneSync/backup/OneSyncSettings.bkp in the device internal storage

  3. Open OneSync v2 app. Go to the app settings and choose Restore settings. This action restores settings from the file mentioned above. The app will restart after settings import.

  4. In v2 app go to the app settings and review the imported settings. Specifically you may want to increase the Max upload file size limit. In v1 the max allowed value is 100 mb. In v2 you can increase it up to “unlimited”. After some testing with manual sync you probably also want to turn on Autosync in the v2 app.

It’s too late for OneSync v1/v2 but next time if I do something like this again, I will make the process more automatic.