Material Design Update

February 8, 2016

Some time in December I set out to update my apps to Material Design. Some minimalistic update was done when the new design came out but it wasn’t full update. At that time I only tweaked the app action bar to make it visually compatible. This time I decided to go all in. Over the lifetime of these sync apps, there were numerous improvements made to the sync engine but the UI concept is more or less the same. This round it’s the other way. The focus is on the UI, not the sync engine. My internal goal was getting it done by the end of the year. Naïve me. I eventually rewrote almost all of the code dealing with UI and in fact also refactored part of the sync framework. Luckily I didn’t say by the end of which year. Today is Vietnamese New Year and the work is largely done. By the end of the year, promise kept after all :-)

The new UI concept also will make it easier to plug in some long time requested features (for example sync settings per folder pair). The sync engine was prepared for them but I couldn’t find a good way to expose these features in the old UI. This major update allows for a series of bigger set of new substantial features in the next months.

I am rolling out the new versions on Google Play this week using staged rollout. I’ve been testing the app extensively, but still, there were so many changes. I’d rather roll them out gradually and stay on watch.

Here are a few screenshots:

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot