Resumable Upload Now Works with OneDrive for Business

April 10, 2016

Early last week I updated OneSync to add support for OneDrive for Business. As I wrote at that time there was one major limitation: resumable upload is not supported. Without that feature it’s very difficult to upload large files (say larger than 100 MB) from device to OneDrive server.

Well, not so anymore. A new version of OneSync was released on Google Play yesterday. Resumable upload now works. If upload is interrupted, for example because of network error, OneSync remembers which portion of the file has been uploaded and continues from there at the next attempt. During testing I successfully uploaded many GB video files. It took time but all worked smoothly, despite intentional network interruptions and manual sync cancellations.

It turned out a couple of weeks ago Microsoft updated their server software to add resumable upload. When I started implementing support for OneDrive for Business Microsoft developer website explicitly stated resumable upload was not supported. The API was there but not implemented by the server. When I checked again last week that sentence was removed. Basically they added a new feature without telling the world about it!

With this limitation removed OneSync now works very well with both OneDrive flavors: personal and buisness (work/school accounts). Please go to Google Play and update the app.