Sync Files in Android Device with Multiple Storage Accounts

January 18, 2018

These days many of us have our personal GMail/Google Drive account and also one or even several GSuite accounts because of school or work. It’s possible to share a folder from one Google Drive account to another and configure DriveSync to sync that shared folder together with other folders under one Google Drive account. But that solution is always only a workaround. Many companies also tightly control who their users can share their files with. Sharing is allowed only within the same company, making this workaround unusable.

Some users want to use several storage accounts to get around limited storage quota in each account. Another group of users have one storage account they actively use and want to use a separate account purely to backup data from their phone.

Whatever the use case, now users can connect DriveSync app with several Google Drive accounts they have access to, then set up folder pairs to sync a folder in their device with a folder in any of those connected Google Drive accounts. Same for Dropsync / Dropbox, OneSync / OneDrive, BoxSync / Box.

Sync with multiple storage accounts was added in the latest 3.0 version of our sync apps which is being rolled out on Google Play. This feature is available to existing Ultimate users without any extra charge. Pro users can upgrade from Pro to Ultimate with discount.